SEO and social media

Social media and SEO are two strategies that go hand in hand. Both of them increase the number of visits to your website. You can use social media to improve your SEO. Here are some of the practices that you can use in social media to build your rank.

external inbound links

Using social media increase the number of external links to your website. If you have several external links, then you will improve your ranking. However, there is a catch; you need to have quality content on your site. When using social media, you should make use of hashtags to increase your online visibility. If you do not have quality content, then the links will not be of any use.

Optimize your posts

Use social media gives you the opportunity of engaging with a local community. You can engage the community by updating them when your company participates in local events. If your company has attended a festival, then you should share it on social media. Do not forget to include the photos that you took on the event. Such events show that you are actively participating in the local community. As such, your account will get more likes, and you will increase your ranking.

Increase your brand awareness

You need to make your brand known in social media if you want to rank highly. Increasing your brand awareness will increase your brand search on Google. You can improve your brand by providing quality content to your audience. Once your band becomes popular, it is the content that will prevent the audience from leaving your site. You do not want to waste your effort only for the audience to leave because of poorly written content. Give your customers something new and they will look forward to visiting your site several times in a day. Great content is what you need to keep your audience glued to your site.

Make use of Social Sharing

Social sharing if used well can do a lot of good to your brand. The shares, likes, replies, favorites and retweets on your social media account count when it comes to increasing your authority online. If you want to increase the number of shares to your content, then you should offer rewards. You can also use competition to make people like your content. You can also have surveys which will make people like your post. You get new followers every time your content is shared.

Increase your followers

The number of followers you have on your social media plays a major role in your ranking. It takes a lot of time to grow your followers to a number that can influence your search engine ranking. To increase your followers, you need to update regularly your content and post discussions that are helpful. Engaging with your users is also a great way to increase the number of followers. High-quality followers are those who follow your social media platform for real. You can interact with them by retweeting the content or engaging with them on Facebook. Do not go for fake likes as this may jeopardise your ranking. Buying followers is also not recommended. If you buy 'likes' to increase your followers, then you can be penalised.

Make getting your content easy

You should ensure that your followers can share your content with their friends. You can make use of Pinterest since it allows for sharing of content. Social media enables you to have a private account. However, you need to make your account public if you are using it for business purposes. The more visible your account is to the online world, the many times it will be shared. You can increase your ranking by ensuring that your content can be shared.

Make use of keywords

Keywords enable people to find your website with ease. They are important for any blog or website. Keywords are also crucial in social media platforms. You can use keywords when you put posts on Facebook. The posts on you Facebook page will make it easy for your content to be searchable on the internet. Your users will see the content you have posted once they search your keyword.

Have local listings

You need to have a local listing for your website on Google plus. You have to ensure that you have included your contact information where you can be reached easily. The contact details will help customers to see all the information about your website on Google. Furthermore, make sure you list the locations of your business on your Facebook page. The location can make it easier for customers to find your business.

Social media can be used on its own, but you can use it to increase your search engine optimization. Social media can make a tremendous impact on your ranking.